Mark Gollihur

Primary Instruments

Vocals, Bass Guitar, Piano/Keys


Pitman, NJ


December, 1970

Favorites and Influences:

Kevin Gilbert, Ben Folds, Mike Rutherford, Edgar Meyer, Doug Pinnick, Michael Manring, Neal Morse, Phil Collins

Favorite Groups:

King’s X, Kevin Gilbert, Spock’s Beard, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, The Beatles


Digital Din Studio

Primary Bass/Keyboard Gear:

  • Basses:
    • Hoyt Custom Six-String Fretted “Monkey Bass”
    • Hoyt Custom Six-String Fretless
    • NS Design Radius 5-string Fretless
    • “Rickenfaker” (’76 Ibanez 4001 copy)
    • PBC/Bunker Six-String Fretted
    • Custom Galveston 12-string Electric Bass
  • Amps:
    • Euphonic Audio Doubler Amp
    • Genzler Amplification Bass Array 1×12
    • ADA MB1 preamp and B500B Power Amp
    • SWR Goliath Jr. and Big Bertha Cabinets
  • Keyboards:
    • Alesis QS8.2 w/Vintage Synth and Orchestral
    • Korg MS2000B
    • Roland JV1010 w/Orchestral
Previous Projects:

Second Story®, Ransomed Soul

Favorite Movies:

The Princess Bride, (This Is) Spinal Tap, Fearless, Better Off Dead, Rear Window, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Other Favorites:

Coffee • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (books) – Douglas Adams • Philly Cheesesteak from Jim’s Steaks (on South Street) – wiz wit! • Wild Turkey bourbon • Young’s Double Chocolate Stout • 80s one-hit wonders • Entenmann’s Raspberry Danish


In my own words

I’ve been a singer for as long as I could talk. I have tapes of me singing at the age of two, which are a joy to listen to — in fact, in the bonus ending of “Awaken the Man” (the song), that back-masked child’s voice is me!

I’ve also dabbled on the piano since a child, since we always had one in the house — Mom was a music teacher and choral director. After stints with trumpet and French horn in school (which came in handy while recording “Awaken the Man”), bass chose me in my teens, and I began to follow in the footsteps of my father, a longtime bassist himself.

Experimenting with the “limits” of the bass appeal greatly to me. I have several “many-stringed basses,” for instance. My main axes all have six strings, and I even have a 12-string in my collection! I also really dig using unusual effects units and MIDI triggering hardware to stretch the limits of my main instrument.

I also own and play upright bass instruments. That even extends into my “day gig”:  Gollihur Music, a popular online retail store where I provide instruments and accessories for upright bass players worldwide.

My musical goals are modest: to enjoy playing and composing, to create music that others can connect with, and to continue growing as a musician, a player, and a person. If there were a single word that could describe my intended approach to creating music, it would be “Honesty.”